Astana: The Futuristic Ghost Town

Walking around Astana is like being on a 1970s sic fi movie set. Incredible buildings reach for the sky all around you. Unknown architecture peaks around every corner without any sort of familiarity. Futuristic towers line the streets and define the skyline. Yet the streets below lay barren. Parks and benches line the streets, yet no-one occupies them. Black and silver sedans race by, but human forms are hard to come by. The odd street vendor stands on the corner waiting for someone to walk by to buy ice cream. The occasional business man walks hastily by chatting on his cell phone, coat flapping in the breeze. Black suits, black tie are the accepted attire. The rare tourist family strolls the lifeless streets. A few city workers mow the lawn or water the flowers. But despite the amazing views, life is rare. The front of the capital building has a wide open square with beautiful gardens, yet the gardens are not being observed. Wide open spaces, with not a person in sight are occupied only by the geometric forms of architecture. Where are the people? Where is the life? 

Astana Ghost Town
Astana Ghost Town

It is a strange feeling to be walking through such a metropolis, having the whole place to yourself. Especially after china where millions of people fill the streets, hardly allowing room to breathe. The open space is refreshing yet at the same time eerie. The whole city plan is perfectly symmetrical with every building designed to fit create balance. Despite the amazing attention given to every detail of the city, parts of this futuristic metropolis fall to decay. Parks just off the main stretch are abandoned leaving overturned benches and overgrown walkways. Carefully planted and arranged landscaping has slowly been taken over by the wild nature. It was designed for the future population but time and its city has forgotten these beautiful areas. Whether this city will ever grow into its oversized space, only time will tell, but for now it remains a hidden gem and a delightful treat to enjoy such a glamorous city without the fear and restriction of masses of people. 

Astana Capital Building

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