Modern Architecture of Almaty

Kazakhstan has a deep nomadic heritage and still prides the legacy of its people. Being in the ‘stans’ most people shrug most of the country off as being another desert country as we put it in the same category as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. We also tend to group it in those social and economic classes as well. Yet our ignorance of this well developed country is put to bed when we see some of Almaty’s star architecture. 

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Despite being a post soviet country, Almaty has seen a lot of recent advancements to its architecture that make a shiny, modern statement. The city slopes up in altitude as the latitude declines to the south. Therefore the southern side of the city sits high above the rest. On the top of this southern slope we see a couple of iconic buildings stand out. We have the pointy Nurly Tau twin towers and the Ritz Carlton Essential center sky scraper. Both covered in glass reflecting the blue sky above to the city below. During sunset the buildings take on a yellow orange as the sky changes around them. The Essentai tower has 41 floors making it the tallest building in Almaty upon its completion in 2008. The Nurly Tau was added to the mountainous skyline in 2010 and fit in as the pointy towers simulate the rocky mountains that sit behind it. These modern towers give Almaty a very modern and becoming look as Kazakhstan begins to rebuild and redefine itself as a developed nation.

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